About Hana

The Hana Coast is the area most photographed for use in advertising Hawaii to represent the best of Hawaii’s beauty — for its choice waterfalls, uncrowded beaches, flowering trees and jungle, dramatically beautiful and undeveloped coastline. The community of Hana, about 900 people, known throughout the state for its warm and friendly aloha spirit, is recognized as “what Hawaii used to be.” The Friends of the Earth book, “The Last Hawaiian Place” by Robert Wenkam is entirely about the Hana Coast.

Seven Pools
Photo by Mark Dahmke

In addition to the elegant Hotel Hana Maui at the town center, there’s also the Hana Museum and Cultural Center, Hasegawa General Store, Hana Ranch Store (groceries and meat), The Ranch Cafe, Chevron service station, post office, Hana Medical Center, 7 churches and Tutu’s snack stand at Hana Bay.

In still very much of a rural setting, Hana has escaped the developers’ monuments of recontactrced concrete, high-rise hotels and condos typical of “the other side” of the island. The only structures over one story in Hana are a few private homes and three or four church or temple steeples. Be aware however that the price of such choice insulation from the faster pace and pressures of urbanization is an absence of Lahaina-type shopping and Kaanapali-style night life — with the Hotel Hana Maui dining room and lounge, the Hana baseball/soccer field and the pavilion at Hana Bay the only resources for a visitor’s night-on-the-town.

For more information, see the HanaMaui.com website.


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