Excerpts of comments from the current guest book, Hale Heavenly Hana

You can read the guest comments in their entirety, along with their reports of what activities they each enjoyed most (and least), in the guest books at Hale Heavenly Hana.

“As we walked down the driveway to the house (had to walk– new cement), we instantly knew that this was going to be a great place to stay and a week to remember. We’re making plans to stay two weeks next year as we have only scratched the surface of things to see and do here in this heavenly corner of the world.” Pat & Larry P., Fresno, CA

“We sure have enjoyed this place. We’ve lived and traveled over a good bit of the world and never saw a place quite like Hana. Thanks for opening your home up to us. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously.” Clay S., High Point, NC

“Such wondrous, literally breath-taking beauty!” Brian W., Berkely, CA

“Love the atmosphere of the house and grounds that make you feel a part of the real Hawaiian lifestyle, which hotel living cannot always achieve.” Denise & Charlie H., Alpine, NY

“The people of Hana haven’t learned to hide their warm feelings, and it makes even the shortest conversation with a ‘local’ just wonderful.” Dave & Carolyn V., Palm Harbor, FL

“It’s just been a really terrific week here. You can be sure it’s on our list of places to return to.” Lynn & Greg B., Blue Island, IL

“I don’t think we could have found a more ideal or beautiful place to spend the first week of our marriage.” Eric & Natalie G., San Antonio, TX

“It was a great visit– only too short. There were too many things to do, and I wanted more time to just soak it all in. The house and grounds are wonderful… to live with all the flowers and the fruit and the view. A spectacular place.” Laura R., Los Angeles, CA

“We’ve had a great time! The house and property are wonderful. We sampled all the fruit. This truly is paradise and I hope we can return again.” John H., Middletown, NY

“Sitting on the deck on our last evening at Hale Heavenly Hana, looking out at the ocean, wishing we were staying many more days. With 4 we only scratched the surface. It was sooo relaxing. Looking forward to our next visit.” George & Bobbie K., Pinole, CA

“Our second visit was even better than our first, and two weeks is better than one.” Pat & Larry P., Fresno, CA

“What an antidote to New York! Last night we went half way up the jogging path to Fagan Memorial just to hear the cows moan.” Kate & Bram G., Bronx, NY

“It’s so beautiful looking at the sky, ocean and mountains from the deck.” John H., Keokuk, IA

“We’ve had the vacation of a lifetime here this week. There is such a rich abundance of beautiful and inspiring things and places to see and experience, yet (just) staying here was also enriching… the fragrances and sounds around us call me to stop and just absorb.” Libba & Marcia, Atlanta, GA

“I really do like this house. It is just beautiful. I made a lot of photos of it both inside and out so I can show my friends.” Alvin & Helen E., Clearwater, FL.

“This is the perfect place for a honeymoon! We missed having one when married during the war, but this is worth waiting 50 years for. As many others have noted, the outdoor (second) shower is one highlight adding so much to the precious feeling of complete privacy here. Thanks for providing so thoughtfully everything we needed in this convenient, comfortable and welcoming house.”Chuck & Beth M., Golden, CO

“What a wonderful way to spend twelve days– lounging around a beautiful house, hiking to one spectacular sight after another– we had a great time. I enjoyed the serenity of the grounds, the view of the ocean… the time to read.” Linda & Richard H., Torrance, CA

“This is our sixth visit to Hawaii, but our first to Hana. We are now irrevocably, irreparably and unconditionally spoiled– there is simply no comparison. What a special place!” Ray & Ludelle R., Denver, CO

“What a joy to be here once again, and we’re already making plans to return. Enjoyed every minute.” Arline & Joel Z., Metuchen, NJ

“We feel so fortunate to have found this house in Hana– sheer fun in rain and sun.” Leonard R., Norwich, VT

“A special experience last night was the full moon over the black sand beach. It was the most romantic setting on a completely secluded beach– a fitting conclusion to our stay on our 25th wedding anniversary.” Les & Mrs. L., Aurora, CO

“Beautiful home and grounds– couldn’t be better. Enjoyed your papaya, mac-nuts, lemons, avacado, bananas… didn’t miss TV, enjoyed the cable music.” Chuck & Marge J., Keller, TX

“What a special place. It’s grand to just sit on the deck and watch the birds and hear their glorious sounds. A wonderful, charming, relaxing spot (where) we had much opportunity to see, listen to and enjoy the ocean which we dearly love.” Bill & Mrs. M., Midland, MI

“Showers, then wind-driven rain, thunder, lightening and power loss. Without leaving the house (bed even), one can see whales, cardinals, mongoose and all manner of light aircraft, including hang gliders.” Dayle & Rich L., Novato, CA

“What a terrific place you have here, Bob! We have really enjoyed the solitude. We would love to come here again!” Sue & Dennis E., San Jose, CA

“One year later, this visit even better than the last.” George & Bobbie K., Pinole, CA

“This truly magnificent “Garden of Eden”… the tranquility and serenity of your private oasis was just what we had hoped.” Peter & Jenny B., Norfolk, England

“Mellow. The way I imagined the flower children of the 60s felt as they moved life into a different mode. That was our experience this week– mellow.” Mary Jo & Peter R., Alexandria, VA

“The landscaping is beautiful here and well maintained as is everything else. Can’t wait to come back.” Nadine & Fritz S., Indianapolis, IN

“This is certainly an ideal setting for a honeymoon. Exhausted after our wedding, we did absolutely nothing except enjoy your home, its surroundings and wonderful views for the first 3 days. We’ve had a fantastic stay and enjoyed your house immensely.”Andrew & Stephanie P., Surrey, England

“We thoroughly enjoyed the tropical garden and picked papayas, bananas and guavas for breakfast.” Ted C. & Kathleen O., Limerick, Ireland

“We never saw true beauty until we woke up on this first morning.”Karen & Eric C., Walnut Creek, CA

“We have been to Hawaii 4 times, 3 to Hana at Reeds! Our 5 year wedding anniversary, we are fortunate to be here again. We had another great time and hope to come back again.” Ellen & Nick M., Bloomingrove, NY

“Morning is spectacular here. The last morning of too few, about ten, and I’m already homesick for this special place. The mana is powerfully appropriate for the birthplace of gods and home to their wings and ways. Be open to it and leave the better for it.” Harry & Brian, San Francisco, CA

“What a great place to relax and let the world go by on its frantic pace without us for awhile… and as far as I know, the world did just fine without us.” Tom & Jann K., Blythewood, SC

“We are so sorry that our week has come to an end. What a fabulous place to spend the last week of our honeymoon. We will be back!” Lisa & Emil A., East Granby, CT

“This has been our best vacation ever in 13 years together! This will hold me for quite awhile.” Tim & Jessica M., Sebastopol, CA

“We’ve travelled far and wide around the world, but this place on the map is one of the most wonderful. I’m sure we’ll return.” Steve & JoAnn K., Hanover, NH

“Hale Heavenly Hana No Ka Oi!! (Bob’s place is the best!!) This tropical paradise was a fantastic place to celebrate my 40th birthday.” Jon M., & Eva L., Oakland, CA

“The grounds are intoxicating. Incredible natural beauty… Lots of tranquility on the deck at night.” Jim & Sharron D., Glendale, CA

“I can’t think of a better place to spend my first days with my new bride. Thanks for letting us be residents in such a beautiful place. Unless we return, I doubt we’ll be someplace so beautiful again.”Zeke & Jamie P., Lincoln, NE

“After spending a week in Lahaina, pulling down your driveway into this beautiful retreat was like coming home. All the extra treats– one surprise after another– made for a very special vacation.”Ray & Ruth W., Chapel Hill, NC

“The grounds and certainly all the many extras… added so much. Having the flowers all around, the music (void of Don Ho & “tiny bubbles”) and the fresh produce was perfect with the views from every window and deck.” Bob & Marty R., Portland, OR

“We would like to simply say that Hana Town, the coastline, this beautiful home, grounds and orchard — the entire experience– has been in one word, repeated so many times while here, trulyHeavenly.” Ray & Bonnie G., Healdsburg, CA

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